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lunedì 28 dicembre 2009

coming back!

i'm back..i had such a very busy time during these 3 months!I had some problems with my "crazy school",there are too many students and there aren't enough classrooms to have lessons in the morning like every normal italian school so during october,november and december i must go to school in the evening 2 weeks every month i had to have lessons from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. and i can say a loud that is very tiring when i come back home i have dinner and i go bed because i can't do anything,my mind and my body are destroyed! just now during xmas holidays i have time to post something on my forgotten blog...i really hate this situation (on saturday as well) i haven't got free time to do what i want so what can i do know is just post some phots taken sometimes in this crazy daily routine.In last post i told you that i have private textile lessons and i know i show you my best creation:my start school party dress!I have done it by myself and i'm so proud!I've done other things as well:skirts,t shirts, a belt ...
this is the's very shiny but in the pics you can't really appreciate it it changes colour as well it goes from black to pink,violet and blue!!!it's hair are shorter!!!(i'm in the centre)

this is my new dummy where i can create my clothes:the dummy is wearing a dress which i have made with just i piece of fabric without cut it!this is a cheese in front of my home!i don't know why it was there i think just for ad!but this pic is funny!it was so big!!this is an outfit ..the animalier scarf is in the belt..scarf:..? belt:stradivarius baggy jeans: river island top: sisleythe flowered top is mine it's my first summer creation ,on the back it's open right to go to the beach!!

xoxo little fashionista