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lunedì 31 agosto 2009

Hunting and colonizing


I'm already back from Berlin,that's the truth!I've arrived in Italy 3 or 4 hours ago and i could say aloud that i'm extremily tired!My Berlin Holiday was short but i had nice time visiting this modern but historical city.Berlin is a "mirror",is full of skyscrapers and glasses which reflect the light of the sun during the day and use to change colours during the night.I think What are you wondering is if i did shopping and the answer is YES!In Berlin i've found many stylish winter clothes!Before to leave and go to Berlin i took these pics in my garden.My inspiration was hunting but in the same time colonizers who arrived in America after1492.





occhiali/sunglasses/gafas de sol:..?

cappello/hat:..from America..

good night to everyone!sweet dreams! buonanotte a tutti!sogni d'oro! buenas noches a todo el mundo!

Kiss Kiss Little Fashionista

domenica 23 agosto 2009

happy birthday!

Tomorrow is my birthday and i'm very excited to celebrate sweet 16!!!

24 August

domenica 16 agosto 2009

Sara is back!

Hi everyone!Sara is here!!I know..i don't write any post from..i think 1 month..i'm so sorry with everybody i feel so guilty.I thought summer was the best season to have much time to dedicate to this fashion blog,but it wasn't and it isn't...I could say that this summer is the busiest summer of all my life until right now.How you know i was in England to attend an english High school but after one week from the end of this travel i left again to have an amazing,exciting "study journey" in Spain,in the University of Alicante,to improve my Spanish!Alicante was the perfect university of my dreams,so huge,so modern,so comfortable i think it gives you the desire to study.I went in Spain with a group of italian guys of my age,i met unfogettable people that maybe i couldn't never met them again..
The 24 of August is my birthday!I will celebrate sweet 16(even if in Italy it isn't such a goal!We celebrate sweet 18 with a big birthday party)...After my birthday unluckily(for this blog) i will leave again,this time with my family and my lovely cousins,i'm going to Berlin!!I have never been there but i believe it is always intresting visit an european capital.I just wanted to let you know that i started textile..and i 've already made a top and a pareu to use at the beach!
I don't really know if i will continue to be a designer..but at the moment it really interest me even if i will have many problems in the choise of the university i am very uncertain whether to listen to my artistic soul or to listen to my rational soul(and so choose university of biology which could gives me more opportunities in the job world) i don't know..please i would like to have advices from all of you ...!!!!

These are some pics taken in England with some guys i met there...this one below was taken in the school and we all wear the uniform..(i'm wearing something very similar to the school uniform)

below:my english friends and i,watch the style of the girls..most of them are wearing leggings!

below:the two blond girls are english while the other one on the right is italian.The two english girls are wearing leggings and that one on the right is wearing shorts too.

the english girls and i...

me in front of my host house...

this is me and Gaby,an other english girl,we were doing iceskating!!!

crazy pic in the market!

These are some pics from Spain...One night the activity leaders told us to create a dress with paper,rubbish bags and silver foil,my creation WON and the girl in the centre with the red and silver top and the black skirt is wearing it!!!!!

this is me and Giulia before dancing..(hip hop)

This summer is the busiest summer i have never spent but i love being busy because i have the opportunity to do many things and live my life at the most.

In the next post i will show you the clothes i made by myself during the textile lessons!!!