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lunedì 31 agosto 2009

Hunting and colonizing


I'm already back from Berlin,that's the truth!I've arrived in Italy 3 or 4 hours ago and i could say aloud that i'm extremily tired!My Berlin Holiday was short but i had nice time visiting this modern but historical city.Berlin is a "mirror",is full of skyscrapers and glasses which reflect the light of the sun during the day and use to change colours during the night.I think What are you wondering is if i did shopping and the answer is YES!In Berlin i've found many stylish winter clothes!Before to leave and go to Berlin i took these pics in my garden.My inspiration was hunting but in the same time colonizers who arrived in America after1492.





occhiali/sunglasses/gafas de sol:..?

cappello/hat:..from America..

good night to everyone!sweet dreams! buonanotte a tutti!sogni d'oro! buenas noches a todo el mundo!

Kiss Kiss Little Fashionista

26 commenti:

  1. che bello questo outfit! è freschissimo! adoro tutto: cappello, scarpe, collana, occhiali...bellissimo!

  2. I love Berlin, it's an awesome city that someday I hope I could visit.

    Cute look =)


  3. hey!! your blog is so cool. and im pretty much in love with those shoes.
    check my blog out
    we can exchange links?

  4. Hey, you are so pretty : )
    I love your whole outfit.
    I've always wanted to go to Berlin.
    Of course, I would love to swap links : )

    And I love your header!

    Liv. XX

  5. Hey, loving the shoot in the jungle-style plants!!
    You look super-cool in that outfit, really nice.
    I'd love to swap links with you!

    Abi x

  6. Fab photos (and outfit) really loving the outdoor location, sort of Safari! :)


  7. fun shoot o debería decir que sesión de fotos tan divertida? te ves super linda!

  8. Berlin?!! How fun! Happy late birthday, btw. And I love your outfit -- that hat is majorly cute.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  9. Hiya! Love your blog. Would you like to check out mine sometime? It's new. Exchange links? Let me know! :]

  10. What a clever girl you are Sara!
    IT´S all about our american history and the place is so familiar! We have palm trees everywhere close to the beach!

    I am happy that you had a great time in Berlin, must be an amazing place indeed! So modern and full of history!

    I love your you are a chic explorer of the new continent!

    love love love!

  11. GORGEOUS! reminds me of explorers :) Very Safari chic. Hope you had a great time in Berlin, and happy late birthday!

    Panda xx

  12. you look gorgeous! i love how safari inspired your outfit is. love the hat and sunglasses! berlin sounds incredible. i am dying to go!

    and of course... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


  13. bell'outfit! mi piacciono i sandali, sono molto carini!

    un bacio

  14. Lucky you, I'd love to go to Berlin:) You look great on the pics!

  15. amazing look!
    i love your hat.


  16. You are totally rocking that hat ;)

  17. very safari chic, love your outfit. i'm thinking of studying abroad in italy next year, preferably milan (maybe i can sneak into a fashion show).

  18. thanks for the comment and i have to say you have a super-cute header. :)

  19. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog girl !

    I love love this sunny casual look yet chic at the same time too:)
    Adore your hat and your shoesss !!
    Adding you to my blogroll if you don't mind <3

  20. Stunning outfit girl ! You pulled it off so well :)

    And way cool you went to Berlin <3

  21. love the concept of this! safari and all, lovely

  22. I still love this outfit! It makes me long summer, and the big floppy hats and sunglasses!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Colourful tights are must!