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domenica 23 agosto 2009

happy birthday!

Tomorrow is my birthday and i'm very excited to celebrate sweet 16!!!

24 August

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  1. Hi Sara, Happy Sweet 16 in advance (I didn't know that in Italy it's Sweeet 18)
    Have been looking at your blog and getting so caught up in reading it all that I forgot I came online to post! It's lovely and I'm adding your blog to my roll, if you'd like, when you're back from Alicante if you'd like to add mine (i.e., swap) I'd be grateful. But you don't have to : )

    I see you've got my young but wise beyond her years blog-friend, Nicky of lips of london on your list! Isn't her blog great??

    thanks for visiting & commenting. have a great great time in Spain - next to Italy (and the UK, of course, AND my home country, America), it's my favourite country!

    I love the way you write in English but with an Italian twist - quite charming. And the way you bring it all round to fashion & style.

    best, jill xoxo

  2. Hello Sara!
    So great to come back here at your birthday! Congratulations! So great to see you! 16 is an amazing age! I wish you the best for you!

    Thanks a lot for remember me!
    You are so sweet!
    Hope to see you so much more ;)
    Kisses and hugs,


  3. The cake looks awesome. You are so young!

  4. ¡Happy birthday!

    Hope you have an amazing sweet sixteen =)


  5. Wow! Have a very happy birthday..
    I've still got about a year and three quarters before I'm 16 (:
    Thanks for the very lovely comment! As to the whole "how have I got so many visitors?" question, I've basically built upmy blog, making sure every post counts. I suppose leaving comments on other people's blogs helps too, as it gets your name out there. Hope I helped!
    Oh, and I had a quick look through your blog, its good!

  6. Happy birthday girl ! Sweet 16 :) I guess I'm alittle late,but Happy Birthday still !

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog

  7. Happy birthdayyy! Love this cake :)

  8. tanti auguri!!
    xx cody

  9. Happy Birthday! such a lovely blog!