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mercoledì 29 aprile 2009

History + me

In any time and places dressing up has been one of the first worry of the human beings.Since the Roman Empire a person well dressed with ornaments represented a way to distinguish aristocrats from servants.In the seventeenth century women dressed up in gorgeus sumptuous and rigid clothes which were nothing but comfortable. Afterwords skirts became fuller and fuller,years after years dresses kept the same lenght but they grew in plainness and women usually wore a little jacket on them.The real revolution of women clothes was Mary Quant mini-skirt in the '60s;it was worn by the first teen top-model Twiggy (17 years old) so the women's outfit was never the same again.They started to wear long patent leather boots with new stockings called "collant" and they wore particular underwear. From this moment the change in clothing became faster in comparison with the past. But the 68' represents the year of the youth moviment called "hippy". People wore everything was coloured,they were close to the nature wearing flower on their head and going bare feet.This trend had a major effect on culture,influencing popular music,television,films,literature and arts. In the 90's different styles are available and magazines don't show us the main trend but they bring out a variaty of themes,shapes and materials proposed.

I've always been interested in fashion i think it was my real and first passion since i was a child and like anybody else who likes fashion i love going shopping.I enjoy going to every sort of shop from a shoes shop to an ethnic shop.My favourite items are accessories. I become mad for them and when i go into a shop which sells accessories i try to buy everything is under my hands.I always try to create my personal style and be different in the way of dressing because as well as painting,dressing up is the only way to express myself.Coco Chanel says:"fashion ends,the style remain".
i'm inspired by celebrities' style and i try to copy their look because it seems that they are wearing the first things which jump out from their wardrobes,from their sunglasses to their shoes.But i think it's very studied their way of dressing.In the next post the little fashionista will show you a new outfit but i wanted to do this post before.I'm very sorry because it was from more than a week that i don't write on the blog but i was very busy.

Kiss kiss Little fashionista

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