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domenica 10 maggio 2009

H(eels) + H(omeworks)

that's the end of the school and i'm completly full of heavy homeworks which makes me become crazy or maybe humpback like Leopardi...i don't want!This is the last month and i've got so many exams and professors run with program of their subject.Sometimes i have to stay at school during the afternoon because the mat professor hasn't got enough lessons to explain everything and she organize afternoon lessons which are too stressful.I'm busy all the day and i find only a small free hole in the evening to write on my blog.On June i wll be absolutely free that i will have time to look the sky and follow the white and light clauds carried by a sweet wind...i think i'm falling asleep,i'm so tired...anyway i like matematic i find it intresting i love see my exercise book covered by formulas and calculus even if...if you do mat for half of a day i don't know if u could still find it intresting...
I've always worn wedge-heeled shoes,which are very comfortable but in the same time they give you height...these are my first real heels.I've bought them few days ago and i was so exicited and shaky as the start i was a hopeless..i was a walking ghost who hung about in the house trying to stay straight.For few days in my home you could hear a continue clicking on the floor. i love this painting...(seen on my english literature book)

KISS KISS little fashionista (sorry for my english)

8 commenti:

  1. Love your shoes, nice blog! :)

  2. great your shirt too! thanks for stopping by my blog. would you like to trade links?


  3. Sara!! grazie per il commento! Sono Americana, ma io studio a Firenze in l'estate.... non questa estate :( mi di spiace per mi italiano. non parlo bene, ma io capito tutti! si? haha!!

  4. Nice blog, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a comment.
    Hope to see you soon.

  5. :O
    that painting is amazing.
    love your new shoes. :D

  6. love the dress
    The painting is gorgeous...pre-raphaelite style?

  7. Leopardi LOL! "Altri studi men dolci ..." I bet I am the only one of your non-italian readers that knows who he was. Oppure no?

  8. ugh so glad im done with school, good luck and i love your shoes!