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bienvenidos en el blog de la pequena fashionista!!

sabato 30 maggio 2009


hi everyone!
sorry if i didn't do any a week!!!i was busy about homework,school....but now i could say aloud that i'm compleatly free!!!!i'm finished with school i only have to come back to have the last mats exam,but this doesn't worry me!!Last week the weather was italy we had got 30°(86F) and much more too (but at the moment it's changeble) was the perfect atmospheare to go to the beach.. i had got free time so i decided to have a dip..!!!and so i did!In Gaeta there are lots of amazing places to dive and summer i stay all the day in the water, i will show you some pics of Gaeta that i took yesterday!!
this is my new outfit..i took these photos in my attic..

the necklace comes from Egypt and my grandma bought it years ago..

top/maglia/camiseta:from my mom's closet


necklace/collana/collar:from Egypt


sunglasses/gafas de sol/occhiali da sola:ray ban

little fashionista is friend of lips of london ( HI NICKY!!!

kisskiss littlefashionista

9 commenti:

  1. those jeans fit you just fine.
    thanks for your comment
    so sweet

  2. well go grandma! great necklace

  3. Hello girl!

    You look so great and those heels are awsome! So is the necklace!

    a kiss and a hug!


  4. sorry it took so long to reply to your comment honey, thanks for your lovely comments!

    verryy stylish, love your necklace! :)


  5. che belle scarpe peep!!

    Sei una grande fashionista, quindi ti invito a prender parte del club di moda Privalia, l'outlet online delle grandi griffe fino al 70% di sconto. L'iscrizione è gratuita!

    un bacione

  6. I stumbled on your blog and its sooo adorable! i LOVE your header - ah, it's so cool! very cute! I love your fashion drawings and your math homework (it made me giggle.. i studied that this year too).

    Anyways, great blog! your pictures are lovely! wanna exchange links?
    check out my new blog? :)

  7. omg that egyptian necklace is brilliant!!!

  8. i'm loving the necklace. i'm going to egypt next february.. and that got me even more excited!