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mercoledì 1 luglio 2009


Hello!i'm back from my holiday in England.I was completly alone..and i attended a secondary school in Teignmouth for 15 days.This is my first and real journey ALONE...I lived in a host family next to my school..this one was amazing...when i changed lesson i used to change the classroom and the building as well!!! In Teignmouth i met many friendly and unfriendly people too!I think that every one in the school was interested in me..about my language and especially my mediterranian TAN..ahahah!!!I was so tanned in comparison with english teenagers!!!

I wanted to publish these pics days ago..but unfortunatly i was very busy and confused about my holiday(i travelled by myself) so just now i can show you some funny and weird photos which i took with my friend Alessandra before to leave.

sara: top,maglia,camiseta:..??old skirt,falda,gonna:la blue rose boots,stivali,botas:oviesse

alessandra: jacket,giacca,chaqueta:frommom's closet shorts,pantaloncini:calzedonia boots,botas,stivali:..?? hat,sombrero,cappello:...?from Seyshelles

this is a very fashionable milkmade braid!!!


4 commenti:

  1. Hey :)
    Looked like so much fun glad you had a great time!
    I tagegd you for a blog award go check it out on my blog!
    nicky x

  2. I'm sure they were really funny hollidays!! I love this funny pictures and the desigual top. So colorful


  3. Cute Photos. :) Looks like fun,

    Panda xx

  4. Thanks for your sweet comment by the way :)

    Panda xx