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venerdì 20 marzo 2009

Mary Poppins bag

what's up in my bag!!??...."everything in my bag:the essential and funny thing"..My bag is always like a BOMB!BUM!BUM!...always full of unuseful things..because i often forget to put inside it the most important things such as the phone,money..or something i need at the time!i let u see my bag "outside":

the bag is a topshop bag!ahah..the one i bouth in london,in my bag there is always my school diary and agend(the english flag),a book to spend time in died moments,my silver wallet (1° CLASSE),my gucci sunglasses,a hello kitty small wallet,two vocabularies (english and spanish),my home's keys,my phone,my favourite chewingam,my secret diary(done by myself,the pink one with the flower),and at the i pod with strass perfect for a fashionista!anyway..these are not all the things in my bag!!there are much more!!

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