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lunedì 23 marzo 2009


MY friends and i having fun in u like our sunglasses??i hope yes..anyway there was a woman who couldn't take us a photo and we 15 minutes in the shop to have a nice photo! these are my other photos which i took on saturday!i remember that i was quietly on my balcon's home when my mum hid herself to play a nasty trick on me..she let to fall down water from the upstair balcon!..she wanted to soak me!!ohhh...she will pay for it....ahahahah!!
trench:..?(bought in Latina)
small black top:Kocca

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  1. Hello Fashionista!

    I love your style! TRying sunglasses is always so fun! even more with friends :)

    you are amazing!!!
    a kiss and a hug for you!